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  • Julian C. Piper – Blues From The Bayou: The Rhythms of Baton Rouge (Book)

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  • Lynn Abbott & Doug Seroff – The Original Blues: The Emergence of the Blues in African American Vaudeville 1899-1926 (Book)

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  • Beth W. Patterson – The Wild Harmonic (Book)

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  • Sally Newhart – Mule Tales From the French Quarter (Book)

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  • Tom McDermott – Five Lines, No Waiting: Limericks & Sketches (Book)

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    Kevin McCaffrey (editor) – The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (book)

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  • Bruce Dear – Dragons of New Orleans (book)

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  • Martin Hawkins – Slim Harpo: Blues King Bee Of Baton Rouge (Book)

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  • Thomas W. Jacobsen – Traditional New Orleans Jazz: Conversations With The Men Who Make The Music (Book)

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  • Ricky Riccardi – What A Wonderful World: The Magic Of Louis Armstrong’s Later Years (Book)

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  • Jeff Hannusch – The Soul Of New Orleans: A Legacy Of Rhythm and Blues (Book)

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  • The New Orleans Jazz Scene Today: A Guide To The Musicians, Live Jazz Venues, and More – Thomas W. Jacobsen (Book)

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  • Leon Morris – Homage (Book)

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  • Roger Hahn – Sounds Of Louisiana : 20 Essential Music Makers (Book)

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  • Michael Murphy – Hear Dat: New Orleans (Book)

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  • John Broven – Rhythm And Blues In New Orleans, 3ed (Book)

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  • Don Paul – Animals Are Always Making Music (Book)

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  • John Sinclair – It’s All Good (Book)

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  • Burt Feintuch – Talking New Orleans Music: Crescent City Musicians Talk About Their Lives, Their Music, and Their City (Book)

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  • Big Chief Donald Harrison Jr. – The Congo Square Nation Afro-New Orleans Cultural Group (Book)

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  • Chris Lacinak – A Modern Approach To New Orleans “Second Line” Drumming (Sheet Music Book)

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  • Peter Curran (Orr) – Stay Out Of New Orleans: Strange Stories (Book)

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  • Peter Curran (Orr) – The Breathtaking Christa P (Book)

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  • Sammy & Louise Rimington – Sammy Rimington: A Life In Pictures (Book)

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