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  • dragons-of-new-orleans

    Bruce Dear – Dragons of New Orleans (book)

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  • Kathryn Hobgood Ray We're Going To Confetti Park

    Katy Hobgood Ray – We’re Going To Confetti Park!

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  • tromboneshorty book

    Troy Andrews – Trombone Shorty (Book)

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  • children's book by Zachary Richard

    Zachary Richard – The Legend Of L’il Red (Book)

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  • Swing Setters

    Swing Setters – Swingin’ At The Playground

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  • je mendors

    Various Artists – Je Mendors: Cajun and Creole Lullabies

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  • johnette downing reading rocks

    Johnette Downing – Reading Rocks!

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  • Creole-for-Kidz-the-History-of-Zydeco

    Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience – Creole for Kidz and the History of Zydeco

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