Coco Robicheaux – Spiritland


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  1. Walk With the Spirit
  2. Pit Bull
  3. Spiritland
  4. Broken String
  5. We Will Fly Away
  6. Working Man
  7. I Knew Without Asking
  8. Saturday Night Before Christmas
  9. Cryin’ Inside
  10. St. John’s Eve


Lead vocals, Rhythm guitars, Backing vocals: Coco Robicheaux
Backing vocals: Geri Hall, Irene Sage, Lenny McDaniels, Holly Bendtsen, Allison Miner
Violin: Nancy Buchan
Harmonica: Smokey Greenwell
Trumpet solos: Boo LaCrosse
Trumpet: Larry Carter
Trombone: David Woodward
Tenor saxophone: Tom Fitzpatrick
Baritone saxophone, Bass flute: Hart McNee
Horn arrangements on “Cryin’ Inside”: Cranston Clements
Lead guitars: Michael Sklar, Kenny Holladay, Tommy Malone
Rhythm guitars: Kenny Holladay, Tommy Malone, Mark Dobriner, Michael Sklar
Slide guitars: Kenny Holladay, Tommy Malone, Michael Sklar
Keyboards: Rick Allen, Earl Stanley, Diz ‘Honey Bear’ Watson, Sonny Schneidau
Bass: James Singleton, Earl Stanley, Spike Perkins, Doug Therrion
Drums: Gary Reiger, J.J. Juliano
Percussions: Alfred ‘Uganda’ Roberts, Dalia, Dudu Martinez
Steel pans: Peter Nu dog
Whistle: Do Verdier Bogue Falaya
Swamp sounds: Bob Duplechin

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