Maggie Koerner – Neutral Ground


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Track List

  1. Sirens
  2. Lee Malone
  3. The Prophecy
  4. He Calls Me Mama
  5. Neutral Ground
  6. Cayute Woman
  7. Trees In A Line
  8. Dear Pril
  9. I Love You, I Do


  • Maggie Koerner – Vocals
  • Chris Lippincott – Guitar
  • Devin Kerrigan –  Bass
  • Jesse Smith – Guitar
  • David Shirley
  • Joe Shirley – Piano
  • Sam Craft – Violin
  • Jack Craft – Cello


Juju is not mentioned anywhere in Neutral Ground, the new album written and produced by Maggie Koerner, but a supernatural vibe and sweet ozone emanate from every cut. Born and raised in Shreveport, this emerging artist decided to make New Orleans home in early 2012. It is apparent that this change in scenery created a primary muse for Neutral Ground.
Koerner’s voice on this, her second album, is thicker than ever: one that cuts. She croons, squalls and howls through 8 songs. It’s a voice she can hurl like a beer pitcher or sling like a silk shawl.
On Neutral Ground, she and her gang (Chris Lippincott, David Shirley, Devin Kerrigan, Jesse Smith & Joe Shirley) are like chess players on a swamp island. Recorded live at Bogalusa’s Studio in the Country with Ben Mumphrey engineering, each song begins simply, off-handedly. Sometimes her words are indistinct. Notes are emotions. Then she slaps a lyric – to make it see things her way. Her voice stomps on a phrase. The players kick over their chairs like hungry gators looking at a lost dog. Koerner, moving toward Janis Joplin’s tones, wails. The musicians pour out a flood tide.
a gospel-drenched, rocking blues collection of Deep South chants. It could have been produced by Jack White behind the shacks on Mulberry St. Or by the Black Crowes in a former pool hall adjacent to the Kansas City railroad tracks.
– Robert Trudeau, Shreveport, 2013




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