Benny Grunch & The Bunch – The 12 Yats Of Christmas: Thoity’ Year Annivoisary


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Release Date: 2020

Label: Benjie


Track List

  1. The 12 Yats Of Christmas
  2. Santa And His Reindeer Used To Live Rite Here
  3. Ain’t Dere No More
  4. K&B Stayed Open Christmas
  5. Norris The Nocturnal Nutria
  6. I Got A Used Kazoo For Christmas
  7. O Little Town Of Destrehan
  8. Santa Put The Hurt On You
  9. The Elves Finally Rap
  10. Metairie O Metairie
  11. Christmas In Chalmette
  12. The 8 Yats Of Hanukkah
  13. If I Won Da’ Lottry For Christmas
  14. I Bought Presents
  15. I Could See The Aluminum Tree Through The Pictcha Winda
  16. Down The Road Santee Claus
  17. Mblueh Rchristmasah
  18. Temporarily Ain’t Dere No More
  19. Red Light Cameras And Pot-Holes For Auld Lang Syne



Our latest “12 Yats of Christmas – Thoity Years Annivoisary” CD
featuring the new song “K&B Stayed Open Christmas”plus “12 Yats of Christmas”, “Santa and his Reindeer used to live Rite Here”, “Aint’ Dere No More”, “Norris the Nocturnal Nutria” and 14 more!

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