Charlie Dennard – Intuitions


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Release Date: 2020

Label: Deneaux Music


Track List

  1. Intuitions
  2. Memoire
  3. The Falling Rain
  4. Esperando
  5. The Wanderer
  6. Drifting Away
  7. Preludio In E Minor



Intuitions is a solo recording of all improvised music that was made in New Orleans, LA from the year 2000. There was no preconceived concept or preparation of any sort going into this recording and no editing or overdubs after the fact either. The result is a very raw and honest recording that is extremely intuitive and introspective.

When I recently stumbled upon this recording (20 years later!), I was mostly impressed by the fluidity and continuity that it represented. It felt very relaxing and I enjoyed listening to it over and over… each time discovering new ideas and nuances. The music really flows freely and seems to create little harmonic and melodic moods that are both tranquil and interesting yet unique and complex at the same time.

This recording is a true exploration into the world of modal harmony and melodic counterpoint that has no boundaries and takes the listener on a journey into a deep, dark and beautiful world that can only be imagined and appreciated in the moment. I’m very happy to release it now and I hope you enjoy it too!

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