Cowboy Mouth – Go!


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Release Date – 2014

Label – Elm City Records

Track List

  1. Go!
  2. Do You Wanna Do It Right Now?
  3. My Little Secret
  4. Where’s The Rain
  5. Too Much Work
  6. Mardi Gras By Moonlight
  7. Song Of The Summer
  8. How Would You Feel
  9. Letting Me Believe
  10. Dare
  11. Watch The Water



  • Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Guitar – Fred Leblanc
  • Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – John Thomas Griffith
  • Guitars – Matt Jones
  • Bass – Casandra Faulconer


Cowboy Mouth


(Elm City Music)


The 10th studio album from Cowboy Mouth finds them in familiar territory while offering a couple of tracks that deviate from the norm.

On “My Little Secret,” Cassandra Faulconer’s bassline oozes in as Fred LeBlanc sings, “I may not be the sharpest dresser and I ain’t so debonair / but what I lack in couth and tact I make up in savoir faire”—making it clear LeBlanc can handle himself in a number musical situations.

Perhaps the album’s best-executed track, “Mardi Gras by Moonlight” delves into the supernatural with a creeping guitar riff that sounds straight out of a James Bond film. On it, LeBlanc sings, “Here in New Orleans life and death intersect / Pathways from hell into paradise disconnect,” offering perfect vocals to an eerie and haunting track.

Overall, Go! captures what Cowboy Mouth has proven to represent—raucous songs with a strong rhythm section and powerful guitar riffs. Despite seemingly refusing to head in new directions, Cowboy Mouth has found a recipe for success and no one can fault them for sticking to it.

Luke R. Ilardo




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