Dave Brubeck – Seven Classic LPs (7 Original Albums On 4 CDS)


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Release Date:  2024

Label:  Enlightenment


Track List

1. Bossa Nova U.S.A
2. Vento Fresco
3. Trolley Song
4. Theme For June
5. Coracao Sensival
6. Irmao Amigo
7. There’ll Be No Tomorrow
8. Cantiga Nova Song
9. Lamento 1
10. This Can’t Be Love 1
11. Since Love Had It’s Way 1
12. King For A Day 1
13. The Real Ambassador 1
14. They Say I Look Like God 1
15. Dizzy Ditty 1
16. Cultural Exchange 1
17. Good Reviews 1
18. Brandenburg Gate 1
19. St Louis Blues 2
20. Bossa Nova U.S.A. 2
21. For All We Know 2
22. Pennies From Heaven 2
23. Southern Scene 2
24. Three To Get Ready 2
25. Eleven Four 2
26. It’s A Raggy Waltz 2
27. King For A Day 2
28. Castillian Drums 2
29. Blue Rondo A La Turk 3
30. Take Five 3
31. Iberia 3
32. Unisphere 3
33. Shim Wa 3
34. World’s Fair 3
35. Cable Car 3
36. Elementals 3
37. Tokyo Traffic 3
38. Rising Sun 3
39. Toki’s Theme 4
40. Fujiyama 4
41. Zen Is When 4
42. The City Is Crying 4
43. Osaka Blues 4
44. Koto Song 4
45. Theme From Mr Broadway 4
46. Broadway Bossa Nova 4
47. Autumn in Washington Square 4
48. Something To Sing About 4
49. Sixth Sense 5
50. Spring In Central Park 5
51. Lonely Mr Broadway 5
52. Summer On The Sound 5
53. Winter Ballad 5
54. Broadway Romance 5
55. Upstage Rumba 5
56. St Louis Blues 5
57. Koto Song 5
58. Take The ‘A’ Train 5
59. Take Five


‘Cool Jazz’ personified, Dave Brubeck is one of few post-bop bandleaders to remain a household name well into the third millennium. With his favoured use of unconventional time-signatures, meters, rhythms and tonalities, which all together made for a unique style of jazz that incorporated elements of classical and other traditional musical forms, Brubeck was a commercial oddity in the late 1950s and early 1960s; a serious jazz performer who had hit singles. The early 1960s witnessed The Dave Brubeck Quartet garner even more commercial and critical success. Recorded in 1962, Bossa Nova U.S.A (Columbia, 1963) found the group flirt with ‘the cool wave of Brazil’, for which, with one eye on the pop chart, Brubeck composed a set in-keeping with current trends. It’s follow-up, Brubeck In Amsterdam (Columbia, 1963), a live album recorded in the Dutch capital in late ’62, was a more traditional affair, and found the Quartet in fine form on a number of Brubeck classics. The Dave Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall (Columbia, 1963), an undeniable milestone in the group’s career, is often hailed as Brubeck’s greatest live album, with critic Jim Santella commenting; this is timeless music from a classic ensemble.’ On the 5th of December 2012, one day before his 92nd birthday, Dave Brubeck died following a cardiac arrest, many years after his legacy had been cemented. Named a Kennedy Center honouree in 2009 for contributions to American jazz, Dave Brubeck remains in memoriam as one of the greatest jazz composers and musicians of all time, becoming what the Los Angeles Times described as ‘one of jazz’s first pop stars.’ This 4 CD Box Set serves to highlight some of the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s greatest and oft-overlooked albums, all faithfully remastered and presented here as both a perfect introduction to the great man’s music, and as a welcome collection for those already versed in this extraordinary body of work.
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