Eddy Determeyer – Big Easy Big Bands: Dawn and Rise of the Jazz Orchestra (Book)


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Release Year: 2012

Publisher: RhythmBusiness Groningen

Soft Cover

Big Easy Big Bands traces the untold story of the glorious New Orleans big bands, from the very beginning of jazz, when it was still known as ragtime. It sheds light on the origins of jazz and its makers, and shows how the big bands from the Big Easy always showed the way, from the very start right up to the funky sounds of the 1960s.

Table Of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. A Never Ending Ball
  4. Pioneer Dance Bands
  5. Jazz Age Icons
  6. Rockin’ The Boat
  7. The Ones That Got Away
  8. Hotel Bounce
  9. Hot Tuxedos and Sizzling Music
  10. Nobody Messes with Handy
  11. Didn’t He Ramble
  12. The Rand That Derailed the Harlem Express
  13. Sir Sidney’s Sophisticated Southern Syncopators
  14. Pet Teachers
  15. When Dooky Fooled Dizzy
  16. The Big Band Goes Funk
  17. A Bounty Of Riches
  18. Memory Lane at Edenborn Avenue
  19. A Last Look
  20. Notes
  21. Index

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