Future Cowboys – Life On Mars! (Vinyl LP)


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*This is a Vinyl LP*

Release Date:  2022

Label:  Independent


Track List

Side A

1. Wheels Fall Off
2. More Than A Miracle
3. Butterflies
4. The Heat
5. Ain’t No U In California

Side B

1. Cowboys From The Future
2. Party
3. Heart In Action
4. Life On Mars!
5. Captain’s Log
6. Home On The Range



  • Jamie Bernstein
  • Eren Cannata
  • Miguel Olivieras



The Future Cowboys’ Life on Mars! album takes listeners on a journey through outer space unlike any other. All listeners will feel as though they are along for the ride and the destination is Mars. The band’s second album, Life on Mars! imagines the future in the year 2323 and tackles topics such as love, peace, social change, and the environment.

Future Cowboys’ sound can be described as a perfect mix of genres, sounds, and styles. Lovers of hip hop, rock, Americana, EDM, and R&B will enjoy this album’s fuse of fantastic musical elements. Their expressive lyrics, vocal delivery, and amazing production are just a few reasons why all should listen to their music and are likely to become Future Cowboys fans in the process.

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