Human Drama – Blurred Images (2-CD Set)


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Release Date:  2021

Label:  Sunset Blvd Records


Track List

Disc 1

1-1.  Human Drama– Farewell
1-2.  Human Drama– Delancey Street 1993
1-3.  Human Drama– One More Time Around The Lake
1-4.  Human Drama– King Of Kings
1-5.  Human Drama– Into Our Escape
1-6.  Human Drama– Another Crash
1-7.  Human Drama– Let The Memories Live Here
1-8.  Human Drama– Sometimes
1-9.  Human Drama– I’m Looking
1-10.  Human Drama– February 10th

Side 2

2-1.  Johnny Indovina– I Bleed For You
2-2.  Johnny Indovina– I Have Wandered
2-3.  Johnny Indovina– Look Into A Strangers Eyes
2-4.  Johnny Indovina– Voices
2-5.  Johnny Indovina– Blue
2-6.  Johnny Indovina– Tired
2-7.  Johnny Indovina– I Could Be A Killer
2-8.  Johnny Indovina– White River
2-9.  Johnny Indovina– So Many Beautiful Lies
2-10.  Johnny Indovina– There Is Only You
2-11.  Johnny Indovina– He’s Forgotten How To Dream
2-12.  Johnny Indovina– This Forgotten Love
2-13.  Johnny Indovina– The Waiting Hour
2-14.  Johnny Indovina– The Last Song
2-15.  Johnny Indovina– Ode To L.A.



One of the longest-lived American goth-inspired bands, Human Drama is the vehicle for singer/multi-instrumentalist Johnny Indovina, who has overseen the group through various incarnations and stylistic experiments. Indovina’s strong, albeit tender enough singing and ear for darkly passionate and dramatic music is the unwavering core of their darkly seductive journey. Supported by a devoted following in United States, Mexico,and South America, BLURRED IMAGES as the title suggests, displays a vast array of textures and emotions. The new CD includes a second bonus disc, the soundtrack from the Human Drama Documentary SEVEN DAYS IN MEXICO now on Netflix ,and the song ‘ODE TO L.A., While Thinking Of Brian Jones, deceased’ based on a Jim Morrison poem. According to Indovina, ‘This is a very different album of love songs. There are many layers of responsibility in most situations, and many layers of responsibility to the damages that occur from ‘love’.

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