Joe Falcon – Live In Scott, La. 1963


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Release Date:  1997

Label:  Arhoolie Records


Track List

1 Joe’s Breakdown 5:10
2 99 Year Waltz 4:50
3 Corrine, Corrina 5:04
4 Jole Blonde 5:28
5 Lacasine Special 5:14
6 Le Traces De Mon Buggy 5:06
7 Osson Two-Step 5:32
8 La Valse De St. Landry 3:57
9 Hip Et Taiaut 4:43
10 Creole Stomp 4:54
11 Myer’s Waltz 4:41
12 Allons A Lafayette 4:38
13 La Valse A Nonc Gustave 4:43
14 Allons Danser Colinda 4:56
15 Les Flambes D’enfer 4:50



  • Joe Falcon – accordion, vocals
  • Lionel LeLeux – fiddle
  • Theresa Falcon – drums, vocals
  • Allen Richard – guitar, vocal



Joe Falcon attained legendary status as the first Cajun accordionist to record. He was also one of the most prolific Cajun artists to record before World War II. Joe continued to play well into the 1960s and this is a live recording of a gig he did in Scott, Louisiana. The recording is important for many reasons. First off, the music is great Cajun music in the 1950s dancehall style. There is a burning version of the “Flames of Hell” –check out the drumming by Joe’s wife, which sounds like whips being cracked in Dante’s Inferno. Joe didn’t record much late in life, so this is a nice example of how his sound had progressed since the 1920s. Finally, this is a rare early live Cajun recording. You can even hear the glasses tinkling in the background. Plus the sound quality is very good. A must for Cajun and Coountry collections.

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