Junior Kimbrough – First Recordings


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Release Date: 2009

Label: Big Legal Mess (Fat Possum)


Track List

1. Lonesome in My Home
2. Feels so Good #1
3. Done Got Old
4. Meet Me in the City
5. Feels so Good #2
6. Feels so Bad



Guitarist and singer Junior Kimbrough was one of the deepest of the deep bluesmen, like his colleague R.L. Burnside he came from the hill country of Mississippi. Stark music with deep primal rhythms and drones, his music is very powerful and hypnotic. Kimbrough ran a juke joint that was the focal point of the local blues scene and was prominently featured in Robert Palmer’s documentary Deep Blues and in the founding of the influential Fat Possum record label. This is a short EP featuring the earliest tracks he recorded for the label. Some of the standard Kimbrough tunes that he would play for the rest of his career are here like the very potent “Done Got Old” which is an unflinching look at age over a primal beat and slashing guitar. “Meet Me In the City” is emotional and stark in nature, but at the same time quite beautiful. This makes for a fine introduction to Kimbrough’s unique blend of blues and the music that made the hill country of Mississippi so unique in American music.

Recorded by Quinton Claunch at American Studios, Memphis, TN 1966.

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