Junior Kimbrough – God Knows I Tried


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Release Date: 1998

Label: Fat Possum


Track List

1. You’re Gonna Find Your Mistake
2. How Do You Feel
3. I Gotta Try You Girl
4. I’m In Love With You
5. I Cried Last Night
6. Keep On Braggin’
7. Tramp
8. All Night Long (instrumental)



David “Junior” Kimbrough, quite possibly the wildest blues guitarists around, and none of US will ever see the likes of again. Junior kicked the bucket in January of heart failure. This is the last recording by this hypnotic blues master before his… well you know. Track highlights include: “You’re Gonna Find Your Mistake,” “I Gotta Try You Girl,” “I’m in Love with You,” “I Cried Last Night,” “Tramp,” “All Night Long” and more!

“…we went into the backwoods of the Delta, where there was an illegal Sunday Juke Joint run by Junior Kimbrough, who was a contemporary of Muddy Waters…The whole thing was extraordinary – like an IV introduction to the blues.” – Bono (of U2)

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