Junior League – Smile Shoot Smile


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Release Date:  2009

Label:  Greenleaves Sound/Lost Resort Music


Track List

1.Everybody Loves Me (But You) 03:02
2.Always Lost On The Same Route 02:36
3.Man Called Disaster 03:19
4.It’s The End 02:00
5.When You Decide 02:42
6.What If I Am? 02:40
7.Memories 02:50
8.Sundress 02:10
9.Princess Stephanie 02:04
10.Smile Shoot Smile 02:19
11.Hey Pop Life 02:10
12.Never Thought 02:47



Joe Adragna – drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, theremin, percussion, vocals



A wonderful musical effort. Poignant pop for perfect days. The rich tapestry of sounds forms a seamless whole that envelops you in its warm embrace. For the duration of this musical effort the world is a richer place. This is great sonic effort by an under-rated artist. Virtually no publicity has made this a hidden gem, but one worth the effort to find.

The tracks are catchy, great melodies, interesting lyrics, well produced. This would have been a huge hit in the days when radio played music and record companies publicized artists and recordings. In our current musical vacuum, its word of mouth or nothing. If you get the chance spend the meager monies required to obtain this recording and enjoy it for weeks, months, years.

Echoes of earlier rock and pop reverberate through these original songs, they are at once familiar and new. The arrangements are classic. I like this album, I don’t know if I mentioned that, so let me just say: “This is great stuff if you like pop music.”

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