Keith Frank – On A Mission


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Release Date:  1998

Label:  Maison de Soul Records


Track List

  1. On A Mission
  2. I Made A Mistake
  3. The Bull
  4. Boogaloo Pt. II
  5. I Don’t Know Why
  6. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
  7. How Deep Is Your Love
  8. Zydeco Et Pas Sale’
  9. Zydeco Et Pas Sale’ Pt. II
  10. Now Is The Time
  11. Pass Around My Way
  12. You’ve Been Watching Me
  13. Satisfaction
  14. Satisfaction Pt. II
  15. Let It Flow
  16. Back Door Man
  17. Coming Straight From Soileau



  • Keith Frank – accordion, lead guitar, scrubboard, bass, vocals
  • Jennifer Frank – bass
  • Brad Frank – drums
  • George Attle – guitar
  • James “Chocolate” Red – scrubboard
  • Curley Chapman/Aaron Laws/Joe “Chopper” Chavis – scrubboard


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