Kevin Naquin & The Ossun Playboys – Jamais Garantie (No Guarantee)


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Track List

  1. Ossun Two Step
  2. La Vie Est Jamais Garantie (Life Is Never Guaranteed)
  3. La Petite Robe Courte (Little Short Dress)
  4. La Bouteille (The Bottle)
  5. Fee Fee Pancho/Mamou Two Step Medley
  6. Big Boy Waltz (La Valse Du Grand Garcon)
  7. Judy In Disquise
  8. Tous Les Jours (Every Day)
  9. My House Of Memories
  10. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
  11. Je M’ennuie Pus De Toi (I’m Not Lonesome Anymore)
  12. Allons A Lafayette (Let’s Go To Lafayette)
  13. Do You Know What I Mean
  14. Zydeco Est Pas Sale (No Salt In The Beans)

Reviewed in OffBeat

Dan Willging (September 2014 Issue)

It’s hard to image Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys sounding any better than it did on 2010’s Cravin’ Cajun, where everything fit neatly into place.

Despite the tragic passing of mega-talented bassist/vocalist Seth Guidry, Naquin somehow pulls it off again with a few new members: drummer Andre Gary and steel-guitarist Marty Broussard (veteran sideman of Mark Chesnutt, Wayne Toups and Tracy Byrd) as well as fiddle mainstay Beau Thomas, one of the best dancehall stylists around. From the onset, the Ossun Playboys slam it hard, practically busting out of the gate on “Ossun Two Step.”

The song selection here is smart, with tunes that haven’t been overly recorded such as Sheryl Cormier’s “La Bouteille” and Paul Daigle’s “La Petite Robe Courte.” The proceedings’ crown jewel (and lone original), “La vie est jamais garantie” is quite stirring with its inspiration drawing from memories of close pal Guidry and recently deceased grandfather Bee Naquin.

Two songs are played in the squarer, old-school style of Naquin’s accordion mentor Don Montoucet, while “Mamou Two Step” aligns closer with the style of great-grandfather Hadley Fontenot, who’s famous for his tenure with the Balfa Brothers.

It seems that an album of only Cajun standards and originals is no longer the norm but should include a few English-vocals crossover pop hits to hook diverse audiences. Normally I’m not a fan of such fodder, but John Fred’s “Judy in Disguise” is exhilarating, while Lee Michaels’ “Do You Know What I Mean” is an inviting soul strutter.

Along with Naquin’s ability to inject excitement in his vocals, the Ossun Playboys have the goods to conquer new frontiers while keeping its home base intact.

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