King Floyd – I Feel Like Dynamite: The Early Chimneyville Singles And More 1970-74


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Release Date:  2013

Label:  Kent Records


Track List

1 What Our Love Needs 3:01
2 Groove Me 3:00
3 Baby Let Me Kiss You 2:48
4 Please Don’t Leave Me Lonely 3:52
5 Got To Have Your Lovin’ 2:15
6 Let Us Be 2:56
7 Let Me See You Do That Thing 2:55
8 It’s Wonderful 2:52
9 Everybody Needs Somebody 2:39
10 Woman Don’t Go Astray 2:22
11 Think About It 3:17
12 Here It Is 3:18
13 Messin’ Up My Mind 2:45
14 So Glad I Found You 2:28
15 A Day In The Life Of A Fool 2:28
16 My Girl 3:11
17 Do Your Feeling 3:02
18 It’s Not What You Say 2:45
19 Thank You 3:21
20 You’ve Got Me 3:43
21 Hard To Handle 2:27
22 So Much Confusion 3:24
23 I Feel Like Dynamite 3:16
24 Handle With Care 4:00



King Floyd was another one of those very gifted soul singers who got saddled with the tag of “one hit wonder” but who actually recorded an impressive number of fine songs during his career. This compilation highlights the years 1970 to 1974.

Floyd’s most famous song, “Groove Me”, was one that you could not escape hearing if you turned on a radio in the United States back in late 1970 and early 1971. That song was everywhere! The most shocking fact is that it was originally the B-side of another song, but received a life of its own after a DJ decided that “Groove Me” was the stronger side, leading to a change in promotion by the record label. Good decision; “Groove Me” ended up being a #1 single. Sadly, however, King Floyd would never match such success again, although several of his singles did make the charts in the early ’70s. One thing I didn’t realize until I read the liner notes that come with this CD, was how many hip-hop and rap artists have sampled various King Floyd songs in the past two decades. If nothing else, that shows an awareness of how many great songs this guy had in addition to “Groove Me.”

Unlike some soul singers in those years, King Floyd also wrote much of his own material. Another big factor in his early success, and his sound, was hooking up with the legendary New Orleans music arranger Wardell Querzergue, which in turn opened up more doors and contacts in the business. King Floyd grew up in Louisiana and spent a lot of time in New Orleans playing with the likes of great musicians such as Harold Battiste and Mac Rebbenack … yes, none other than Dr. John!

King Floyd had a very vibrant, agreeable singing style, echoing the southern soul vibe of vocalists such Joe Tex and even Otis Redding at times. But the singer he reminds me most of is George Jackson, another great southern soul stylist. Whether it was ballads, such as the lovely “Handle With Care” or funkier uptempo numbers like “Groove Me” or “Baby Let Me Kiss You” King Floyd took command of the song and sounded very convincing.

The CD comes with a very informative 12-page booklet with liner notes by Tony Rounce. As Mark Barry noted, this is another excellent and very welcome reissue by Kent Records that will be of interest to fans of vintage soul music. This 24-track collection of King Floyd songs is well worth checking out.



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