Lonnie Johnson – The Blues: The First Of The “Guitar Heroes” 1925-1947 (2CD Set)


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Release Date:  2002

Label:  Fremeaux & Associes


Track List

Disc: 1
1. Mr. Johnson’s Blues
2. Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
3. Blues in G
4. Guitar Blues
5. Bull Frog Moan
6. From Now on, Make Your Whoopee at Home
7. Deep Minor Rhythm Stomp
8. Hot Fingers
9. Wipe It Off
10. I Got the Best Jelly Roll in Town #2
11. Sam, You Can’t Do That to Me
12. What Makes You Act Like That?
13. Let All Married Women Alone
14. Beautiful But Dumb
15. Sleepy Water Blues
16. Cat, You Been Messin’ Around
17. Winnie the Wailer
18. There Is No Justice

Disc: 2
1. Swing Out Rhythm
2. Blue Ghost Blues
3. She’s Only a Woman
4. Jersey Belle Blues
5. I’m Just Dumb
6. Get Yourself Together
7. Crowing Rooster
8. Somebody’s Got to Go
9. I Did All I Could
10. In Love Again
11. Rambler’s Blues
12. Trouble in Mind
13. Keep What You Got
14. Blues for Everybody
15. Love Is the Answer
16. What a Woman
17. What a Real Woman
18. Falling Rain Blues

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