Lost Bayou Ramblers – Rodents Of Unusual Size: Music From The Motion Picture (CD)


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Release Date: 2022

Label: Independent


Track List

  1. Tunnels
  2. L’histoire Des Rats Refugies
  3. Blues De La Bouteille
  4. Chasseur
  5. Priere De L’ouragan
  6. Piegeur De La Nuit
  7. Nutria Pere Et Fils
  8. Bimbo One Step
  9. La Valse De Gros Rat
  10. Creole Hot Step
  11. Le Rat Principal
  12. Haute Couture
  13. Maraudeur De Metairie
  14. Crabs Delacroix
  15. Bounce Cadjien
  16. St. Bernard Two Step
  17. La Reine Des Rats
  18. Le Chemin Innonde
  19. Queue D’or
  20. Queue D’argent
  21. L’amour Ou La Mort
  22. Vermillionaire



Rodents of Unusual Size (Music from the Motion Picture) is Lost Bayou Ramblers’ original score to the award winning documentary about NUTRIA RATS and their controversial position in the Louisiana landscape and ecosystem, as well as the relationship the residents of South Louisiana have with this invasive species.

Produced by Tilapia Film the documentary takes us up-close into a large region south of New Orleans that survived hurricane Katrina and is now facing its latest threat-hordes of monstrous 20 pound rodents known as the nutria. Louisiana’s coastal wetlands are one of the largest disappearing landmasses in the world and the voracious appetite of this curious and unexpected invasive species from South America is greatly accelerating coastal erosion, which in turn makes the area even more vulnerable to hurricanes. As the coastline disappears, the hunters and trappers, fishermen and shrimpers, storytellers and musicians that makes Louisiana a country unto itself are leaving en masse. Nonetheless, a stalwart few remain and are fighting back.

Through the offbeat and unexpected stories of the people confronting the nutria problem, the film confronts issues surrounding coastal erosion, the devastation following hurricanes, loss of culture and homeland, and the resilience of the human spirit.



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