Mac McAnally – Once In A Lifetime


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Release Date: 2020

Label: Mailboat Records


Track List

  1. Alive And In Between
  2. Almost All Good
  3. Once In A Lifetime
  4. First Sign Of Trouble
  5. That’s Why They Call It Falling
  6. Changing Channels
  7. Just Right
  8. Norwegian Wood  (This Bird Has Flown)
  9. Good Guys Win
  10. Just Like It Matters
  11. Brand New Broken Heart
  12. The Better Part Of Living



  • Mac McAnally – vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, wurlitzer, mandolin, piano, sitar, b3
  • Eric Darken – percussion
  • Jim Mayer – bass
  • Drake White – vocals on “Once In A Lifetime”
  • Robert Greenidge – steel drums  (track 7)
  • Roger Guth – drums  (track 7)
  • Will Kimbrough – electric guitar  (track 7)
  • Pete Mayer – electric guitar  (track 7)
  • Mike Utley – b3  (track 7)
  • Paul Franklin – steel guitar  (track 10)
  • Greg Morrow – drums  (track 11)
  • Glenn Worf – bass  (track 11)
  • Aubrie Haynie – fiddle  (track 11)
  • Steve Nathan – piano  (track 11)



Mac McAnally Once in a Lifetime’s title track came about when McAnally and White saw each other at a local breakfast spot. When White asked if he was enjoying himself these days, McAnally said, “Yeah, every day. Every day is once in a lifetime.” White immediately replied, “We need to get together to write THAT!” Sometimes, McAnally’s songwriting spark is more subtle.

The thoughtful lyrics and arrangements Once in a Lifetime as a whole can perhaps be traced back to a phrase McAnally remembers from his childhood when his mother would tell him to “make some use of yourself” on his way out the door. McAnally still adheres to that philosophy today. Asked about the experience of listening to these assorted songs that have now become an album, he modestly replies, “I see a guy trying to be a good representation of a human being. I hope there’s something in what I do that in some way can make someone else’s life a little bit better, too. That’s really what I’m shooting for.”



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