Magnolia Sisters – Love’s Lies


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Release Date: 2014

Label: Arhoolie Records


Track List

  1. La Bonne vie (The Good Life)
  2. Est-ce que tu penses jamais a moi? (Do You Ever Think Of Me?)
  3. Le deserteur (The Deserter)
  4. Je va’s jamais oublier (I’ll Never Forget You)
  5. Malinda
  6. Les clos de coton (The Cotton Fields)
  7. En route chez moi (Going Home)
  8. Arretes-pas la musique (Don’t Stop The Music)
  9. Oublies-moi jamais (Never Forget Me)
  10. Par derriere chez mon pere (Behind My Father’s House)
  11. La Valse du Grand Bois (Waltz Of The Longwoods)
  12. Hot Stuff



Founded in 1995, the Magnolia Sisters (Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine, Lisa Trahan, and Anya Burgess) is a rarity; it is an all-female Cajun band. The Sisters’ musical focus is to seek out vintage Cajun songs and recast them into their own distinctive style. Released in 2014, this collection is full of stories of love and tragedy, string band tunes from the 1930s, and an original blues song. The music is designed to set toes tapping.

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