Peppermint Harris – The Peppermint Harris Collection 1948-60 (2-CD Set)


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Release Date:  2021

Label:  Acrobat Music


Track List

Disc 1

1. Peppermint Boogie
2. Houston Blues
3. Raining In My Heart
4. My Blues Have Rolled Away
5. This Is Goodbye Baby
6. Mabel, Mabel
7. Texarkana Bound
8. Fat Girl Boogie
9. Gimme Gimme Gimme
10. Hey Sweet Thing
11. Reckless Lover
12. Oo Wee Baby
13. I’m Telling You People
14. How Long Must I Suffer
15. The Blues Pick On Me
16. Let’s Ride
17. I Always End Up Blue
18. I Screamed And I Cried
19. She’s My Baby
20. I Wake Up Screaming
21. Please Let Me Come Home
22. I’m Going Crazy Baby
23. Got A Big Fine Baby
24. I Will Always Think Of You
25. It’s You
26. I Got Loaded

Disc 2

1. Middle Of Winter
2. Have Another Drink And Talk With Me
3. Let The Back Door Hit You
4. P. H. Blues
5. Maggie’s Boogie
6. Right Back On It
7. There’s A Dead Cat On The Line
8. I Cry For My Baby
9. I Sure Do Miss My Baby
10. Hey Little Schoolgirl
11. Wasted Love
12. Goodbye Blues
13. I Never Get Enough Of You
14. Three Sheets In The Wind
15. Black Cat Bone
16. Bye, Bye, Fare Thee Well
17. Treat Me Like I Treat You
18. Cadillac Funeral
19. Need Your Lovin’
20. Just Me And You
21. Love At First Sight
22. I Don’t Care
23. Messin’ Around With The Blues
24. You Got Me Wondering
25. Ain’t No Business
26. Angel Child



Born Harrison Nelson, in Texarcana, Texas, in 1925, Peppermint Harris was a jump blues and R&B singer and guitarist, who originally recorded in Houston in 1948 as Peppermint Nelson, but acquired his new name by accident when Bob Shad of Sittin’ In With Records, forgot his name when releasing his first record and got it wrong on the label – the record was a hit and the die was cast. Over subsequent years he recorded for a variety of labels, registering his big career hit in 1951 for the Modern label with the R&B No. 1 “I Got Loaded”. This 52-track 2-CD set comprises most of his A & B sides on the Gold Star, Sittin’ In With, Aladdin, Modern, Cash, X, Combo, Dart and Duke labels from this era, including performances as Peppermint Nelson, Peppermint Harris and Peppermint Harris With The Maxwell Davis All-Stars. It features his R &B No. 1 hit “I Gor Loaded” and his No. 4 hit “Raining In My Heart”. His music ranges across the spectrum of the typical electric blues of these years, with a significant proportion of his material reflecting the advent of rock ‘n’ roll in the pop charts during this time. It represents a pretty thorough cross-section of his releases from what was the primary decade and more of his career.

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