Salum Abdallah & Cuban Marimba Band – Ngoma Tanzania 1961-1965 (Vinyl LP)


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Release Date:  2019

Label:  Domino Sound


Track List

Side A

  1. Marumba Cha Cha
  2. Kindimwanga
  3. Beberu
  4. Masikitiko
  5. Asiye Bahati Duniani
  6. Moyo Koma

Side B

  1. Cuba Cha Cha
  2. Kutenda Maovu
  3. Ngoma Iko Huku
  4. Njoo Haraka
  5. Naumiya
  6. Macho Laini



Sweet and joyful sounds from the first half of 1960’s Tanzania. Salum Abdallah and Cuban Marimba Band were at the forefront of “muziki wa dansi”, the emerging dance music scene influenced by Cuban 78’s, crazes like the twist and cha cha cha, and the local sounds of their home country. Hailing from the town of Morogoro, they rose to be stars across the country. Out of over 100 sides recorded for local labels, mostly Mzuri Records of Kenya, these twelve songs are the cream of the crop. Only a few of these have ever been re-released in any form, and that hasn’t happened in eons. Lots of toe tappers, smile enhancers, and downright dancers, with a few slower and sweeter songs to round it out. Taken from 1961-65, these twelve songs shine a brighter light on an already bright light that was Salum Abdallah, taken away from this earth all too early at the age of 37. The 12 song LP comes in an old style tip-on sleeve with lyrics in Swahili with English translations on the inner sleeve. Released by our friends at Domino Sound in New Orleans.

Pressed By New Orleans Record Press

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