Stanton Moore – All Kooked Out!


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Release Date: 1998

Label: Fog City Records


Track List

  1. Tchfunkta
  2. Common Ground
  3. Green Chimneys
  4. Blues For Ben
  5. Kooks On Parade
  6. Nalgas
  7. Witch Doctor
  8. Boogaloo Boogie
  9. Nobodys Blues
  10. Stanton Hits The Bottle
  11. Farmstead Antiques
  12. Angel Nemali
  13. Honey Island



  • Stanton Moore – drums, percussion
  • Charlie Hunter – 8 string guitar
  • Skerik – saxophonics, kookification
  • Ben Ellman – tenor sax
  • Matt Perrine – sousaphone
  • Brent Rose – tenor & soprano sax
  • Brian Seeger – guitar



All Kooked Out! is the first studio album by New Orleans–based drummer Stanton Moore.

It was recorded entirely live in the studio with no overdubs and no headphones, in a week-long session that also yielded Mysteryfunk, the debut album for Garage A Trois. Prior to this session, producer Dan Prothero worked with Moore on Galactic’s first two albums.

When Prothero asked Moore of who he’d like to play on his solo debut album he thought of eight-string guitarist Charlie Hunter and saxophonist Skerik who had both previously sat in with Galactic. Moore stated getting “Charlie Hunter and Skerik together would just be insane ’cause they’re both just really fun guys to hang around with… quirky… funny and just great musicians.” Regarding the album’s title according to Moore, Prothero stated approvingly about Hunter, Skerik and Moore, “(you’re) the biggest bunch a kookers I’ve ever met.”

Moore’s line-up for his instrumental debut album also included several fellow New Orleans musicians. Ben Ellman (long-time associate from Galactic) and Brent Rose (Nightcrawlers) are on tenor saxophone. Matt Perrine (Bonerama) plays sousaphone. Also there is Michael Ray (Sun Ra) on trumpet, Craig Klein (Bonerama) on trombone and Brian Seeger on guitar. Notably, there are no keyboards on All Kooked Out!

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