Super Chikan & Terry Harmonica Bean – From Hill Country Blues To Mississippi Delta Blues


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Release Date: 2020

Label: Wolf


Track List

  1. Tin Top Shak
  2. Down In The Mississippi Delta
  3. Wavy Thoughts
  4. Leaving Blues
  5. Boogie With Me
  6. Tribute To Jimmy Reed
  7. Poor Broke Boy
  8. Who Gonna Be Your Sweet Man When I’m Gone
  9. Mississippi Walking Blues
  10. “Sippi Seekan” Saw
  11. Black Cat Bone
  12. Fred’s Dollar Store
  13. Hug Me, Don’t Bug Me (Drugs Is Already Bugging Me)
  14. I Got Love If You Want It
  15. 2018 – Doin’ My Own Thing



Hannes and Nicola Folterbauer went on a excursion through Mississippi to meet Harmonica Terry Bean and Super Chikan. The mood was so good, so we started a record session directly at the artists’ home to get a real feeling of their music. The album is just amazing, real blues!

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