T-Model Ford – Bad Man


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Release Date: 2002

Label: Fat Possum Records


Track List

  1. Ask Her For Water
  2. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
  3. Yes, I’m Standing
  4. Bad Man
  5. Somebody’s Knockin’
  6. Let The Church Roll On
  7. Black Nanny
  8. Backdoor Man
  9. The Duke
  10. Sallie Mae



You know you’re in for the real deal when 78-year-old James “T-Model” Ford shouts out the low-down truth. After a quick and dirty drum roll on this (studio) live set, he announces: “I’m a tail-dragger from Greenville Mississippi. I’m the boss of the blues. Can’t read, can”t write, and don”t been to school a day in my life!” Guitarist/vocalist Ford and his drummer Spam are the only musicians on this disc, aptly entitled Bad Man, but they sound like a five-piece band on a hot Saturday night. This is a recording you can’t stop listening to, and yet its richness is masked in three, two, or one chord simplicity. It’s what punk rock originally hoped (and ultimately failed) to deliver. Raw. Authentic. Relevant.


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