Terry And The Zydeco Bad Boys – Back On Track


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Release Date – 2014

Label – Idependent

Track List

  1. We Bad
  2. Jolie Catin
  3. Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
  4. Give It Up
  5. Loan Me Your Handkerchief
  6. On Bye Bye
  7. You Bother Me
  8. Ton Na Na
  9. He Haw Breakdown
  10. Pretty Girl
  11. Think Of Me
  12. Wanna Be A Bull
  13. Free Me


  • Terry Domingue – Vocals, Accordions
  • Kendrick Domingue – Vocals, Scrubboard
  • Chuck Bush – Bass
  • Kent Pierre-August – Guitar
  • Erick Minix – Drums
  • Michael Lockett – Keyboards

 Reviewed in OffBeat

Dan Willging (September 2014 Issue)

Back on Track is Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys’ first disc in the six years after frontman Terry Domingue took a hiatus before regrouping with former Beau Jocque sidemen Chuck Bush (bass), Eric Minix (drums) and Michael Lockett (keys).

Add journeyman-guitarist Kent Pierre-August to the fold and such an arsenal gives Domingue plenty of wallop on his best effort to date. While the Bad Boys open with a modern theme song of sorts, “We Bad,” a good portion of this is rooted in old school.

Several songs are sung in Creole French (“Jolie Catin,” “Ton Na Na”) and there are a few waltzes, which should appeal to the older Creole demographic who often feel left out of today’s zydeco with its hip-hop, rap and R&B influences.

Yet, it isn’t all trad. There’s variety of sounds in the handful of contemporary tracks, like the euphoric “Everyday Will Be like a Holiday,” the mid-tempo “I Wanna Be a Bull,” a metaphor for growing comfortable in one’s own skin, and the zyde-swamp popish, belly-rubbin’ ballad “Loan Me Your Handkerchief.”

Sonically, it’s a little raw, with no shortage of Bush’s shack-rumbling bass that recalls ’90s zydeco, when the bass was amped up on steroids. Still, Domingue’s vocals are clearly audible in the midrange and pleasant to listen to, as evidenced by the sans-accordion R&B ballad “Free Me,” where he knocks it out of the park.

Good dance music and a decent baseline for future, bar-raising efforts.

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