The Burrito Brothers – The Notorious Burrito Brothers


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Release Date: 2020

Label: Store For Music


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This band’s history has been characterized by change, with the first incarnation of The Flying Burrito Brothers simply taking the name of a band that had just folded – albeit one that had been named with Gram Parsons in mind. Gram himself said of the band, ‘The idea’ll keep going on. It’s not like it’s dead or anything. Whether I do it or anybody else does it, it’s got to keep going. ‘ And so it has. From the early incarnation that featured Gram and Chris Hillman of The Byrds and recorded the seminal albums ‘The Gilded Palace Of Sin’ and ‘Burrito Deluxe’ the only constant has been change. The iconic Gram Parsons was fired from the band in 1970 as it was felt that he was spending too much time hanging with the Stones and not enough time working, but the membership morphed constantly; in fact, no two consecutive LPs feature the same personnel. The band was even known as Sierra for a while, before becoming The Burrito Brothers, then came another phase as The Flying Burrito Brothers, then Burrito Deluxe, then in 2012 The Burrito Brothers once again! The line-up on ‘The Notorious Burrito Brothers’ album features: Chris P James – who is marking his tenth year with the band – on Vocals, Keyboards and Harmonica, Tony Paoletta on Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro and Mandolin, Bob Hatter on Electric & Acoustic Guitars and Bass, with Peter Young on Drums, Vocals and Percussion. They play everything on every song except ‘Do Right Man’, which features Ronnie Guilbeau (the son of Gil Gilbeau who was a member of The Flying Burrito Brothers from 1974 – 1984) on lead vocal and bass. The Burrito Brothers extend credit (with high interest) to: Ronnie Guilbeau, Walter Egan, Fred James, Coley Hinson, Michael Curtis, Rick Lonow, Carlton Moody, Supe Granda, Jody Maphis, John Sturdivant Jr, Larry Marrs, Bill Lloyd, Skip Spence, Al Perkins, Thomas Aubrunner, Rick Roberts, Terry Rogers, Rusty Russell, Don Richmond, Will James, Randall Harris, Sam Lowe and Argyle Bell.



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