Tony Joe White – Heroines


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Release Date: 2008

Label: Sanctuary BMG


Track List

  1. Gabriella
  2. Can’t Go back Home  (w. Shelby Lynne)
  3. Ice Cream Man
  4. Closing In On The Fire  (w. Lucinda Williams)
  5. Back Porch Therapy
  6. Playa Del Carmen Nights  (w. Michelle White)
  7. Wild Wolf Calling Me  (w. Emmylou Harris)
  8. Rich Woman Blues
  9. Robbin’ My Honeycomb
  10. Fire Flies In The Storm  (w. Jessi Colter)
  11. Chaos Boogie
  12. Gabriella’s Affair



  • Tony Joe White – vocals, guitar
  • Marc Cohen – drums
  • Steve Forrest – bass
  • Jennifer Lynn Young – cello, fiddle
  • Carson Whitsett – organ
  • David Ralicke – saxophone, trombone
  • Michael Bolger – trumpet



For The Heroines, Tony Joe White invited some of his favorite female friends to the party. Unlike Hollywood movie stars, White likes his costars within spittin’ distance of his own age. Shelby Lynne’s lines in “Can’t Go Back Home” fit like a glove; her voice is reminiscent of White’s own, like someone simultaneously whispering sweet nothings and the secrets of the universe into your ear. Lucinda Williams, Emmylou Harris, and Jessi Colter also join the swamp fox on a record that provides plenty of what one tune aptly calls “Back Porch Therapy.” The Heroines manages to tweak your libido and save your soul, magically, at once.

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