Various Artists – Mississippi Blues Another Journey 1926-1959 (4CD Set)


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Release Date: 2015

Label: JSP Records


Track List

Disc: 1

1. Rube Lacey: Ham Hound Crave
2. Bobby Grant: Lonesome Atlanta Blues
3. Ramblin Thomas: No Job Blues
4. William Harris: Kitchen Range Blues
5. Freddie Spruell: Muddy Water Blues
6. Jenny Pope: Mr Postman Blues
7. Son House: Walkin Blues
8. J.D. Short: Telephone Arguin Blues
9. Joe McCoy: Preacher s Blues
10. King Solomon Hill: Whoopee Blues Tk 2
11. Poor Boy Lofton: Poor Boy Blues
12. Robert Wilkins: Old Jim Canan s
13. Memphis Minnie: Reachin Pete
14. Bukka White: Po Boy
15. Walter Vincson: Can t Get A Word In Edgeways
16. Muddy Waters: I Be Bound To Write To You
17. Johnny Shines: Evil Hearted Woman Blues
18. Charlie Booker: Charlie s Boogie Woogie
19. Boyd Gilmore: Ramblin On My Mind
20. Tommy Lee Thompson: Highway 80 Blues
21. Boy Blue: Joe Lee s Rock
22. Rose Hemphill: Rolled And Tumbled
23. Forrest City Joe: She Lived Her Life Too Fast
24. John Dudley: Po Boy

Disc: 2

1. Furry Lewis: Why Don t You Come Home Blues
2. Freddie Spruell: Low-Down Mississippi Bottom Man
3. Tom Dickson: Death Bell Blues
4. Uncle Bud Walker: Look Here Mama Blues
5. Walter Vincson: Overtime Blues
6. Willie Harris: Never Drive A Stranger From Your Door
7. Joe McCoy: Pile Drivin Blues
8. Arthur Petties: Good Boy Blues
9. Geeshie Wiley: Eagles On A Half
10. Ramblin Thomas: Ground Hog Blues No. 2
11. Joe Stone: Back Door Blues
12. Freddie Spruell/Washboard Sam: Ocean Blues
13. Poor Boy Lofton: Jake Leg Blues
14. The Mississippi Moaner: Mississippi Moan
15. Chasey Collins: Walking Blues
16. Tommy McClennan: Cotton Patch Blues
17. Tony Hollins: Cross Cut Saw Blues
18. Honeyboy Edwards: Wind Howlin Blues
19. Lucius Curtis: Times Is Gittin Hard
20. Boyd Gilmore: Just An Army Boy
21. Houston Boines: Relation Blues
22. Drifting Slim: Good Morning Baby
23. Little Milton Anderson: Little Milton s Boogie
24. Lonnie & Ed Young: Chevrolet
25. Boy Blue: Boogie Children

Disc: 3

1. Bo Weavil Jackson: You Can t Keep No Brown
2. Buddy Boy Hawkins: Yellow Woman Blues
3. Ramblin Thomas: Sawmill Moan
4. Uncle Bud Walker: Stand Up Suitcase Blues
5. William Harris: Hot Time Blues
6. J.D. Short: Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake
7. Arthur Petties: Revenue Man Blues
8. Geeshie Wiley: Pick Poor Robin Clean
9. Sam Collins: Slow Mama Slow
10. Ben Curry: The Laffing Rag
11. Kansas Joe: Dresser Drawer Blues
12. King Solomon Hill: Down On My Bended Knee Tk 2
13. Poor Boy Lofton: It s Killin Me
14. Bill Wilber: Greyhound Blues
15. Sam Montgomery: Where The Sweet Old Oranges Grow
16. Mose Andrews: Ten Pound Hammer
17. Tony Hollins: Crawlin King Snake
18. Willie 61 Blackwell: Four O Clock Flower Blues
19. Muddy Waters: You Got To Take Sick And Die
20. Johnny Shines: Delta Pine Blues
21. Sunny Blair: Step Back Baby
22. Willie Nix: Baker Shop Boogie
23. Charley Booker: Rabbit Bues
24. Tommy Lee Thompson: Packin Up Blues
25. Willie Jones: You Got Dimples In Your Jaw

Disc: 4

1. Buddy Boy Hawkins: Raggin The Blues
2. Rube Lacy: Mississippi Jail House Groan
3. Tom Dickson: Worry Blues
4. Furry Lewis: Dry Land Blues
5. Blind Joe Reynolds: Nehi Mama Blues
6. Jenny Pope: Rent Man Blues
7. Willie Harris: Lonesome Midnight Dream
8. Sam Collins: Signifying Blues
9. Ben Curry: Hot Dog
10. Ramblin Thomas: Little Old Mamma Blues
11. Georgia Boyd: Never Mind Blues
12. Kansas Joe: Meat Cutter Blues
13. Poor Boy Lofton: Dirty Mistreater
14. Sam Montgomery: Low In Mind Blues
15. Chasey Collins: Atlanta Town
16. Mose Andrews: Young Heifer Blues
17. Robert Lee McCoy: Friar s Point Blues
18. Honeyboy Edwards: Roamin And Ramblin Blues
19. Wilie Nix: Lonesome Bedroom Blues
20. Houston Boines: Going Home
21. Charley Booker: No Ridin Blues
22. Driftin Slim: My Sweet Woman
23. Little Milton Anderson: Mistreated Baby Blues
24. Rosalie Hill: Bullyin Well
25. Forrest City Joe: You Gotta Cut That Out



Mississippi blues’ Just listening to the diversity here shows a defining image is impossible. But one distinguishing feature of blues made by Mississippi artists is that a greater proportion of their works became iconic in later years. Some survived down the years in the repertoires of younger musicians, more took on greater significance once the Sixties blues boom engaged the imaginations of enthusiasts around the world.Here are the originals performed by artists as diverse as Bo Weavil Jackson, Buddy Boy Hawkins, Geeshie Wiley and Little Milton. Newly remastered, these tracks demonstrate why they became such a potent influence on the popular music of the second half of the 20th Century.





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