Various Artists – Santa Swings…The Windup: 27 Christmas Stockings Full Of Shellac Dust (CD)


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Release Date: 2023

Label: Bear Family


Track List



Santa Swings… The Windup: 27 Christmas Stockings Full Of Shellac Dust – Bear Family Records® went to the bottom of the shellac box for this Christmas collection. – No jingling bells, no ho-ho’s or weird reindeer voices. -Instead, swinging jazz at it’s best, rousing swing of the ’30s and ’40s, highly danceable, elegant but cool, performed by seasoned jazz musicians. – Featuring Glenn Miller, Paul Whiteman, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Barnet, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Putney Dandridge, Jimmy Ray, Stew Pletcher, Alvino Rey, Stuff Smith and many others. -Annotations for each song in the liner notes in the accompanying booklet. Shellac instead of stardust: when Santa Claus takes off his boots and unpacks the gramophone after his work is done: Bear Family Records® delves deep into the shellac box! No intrusive bells, chumming ho-ho’s or strangely distorted reindeer voices: Every year around the same time the displays of the department stores are bending with hastily and often suspiciously similar compiled ‘swing’ samplers, since “swing is coming back.” Our journey through the depths of various shellac racks, however, brought to light quite a number of undiscovered treasures.


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