Various Artists – Straight From the 6th Ward


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Track list

  1. H.I.T.- Lil Rascals
  2. Feel Like Funking It Up (Part II)- Rebirth Brass Band
  3. Get It How You Live- 6th Ward Allstars
  4. Wolverine Blues- Treme Brass Band
  5. Project Love- Newbirth Brass Band
  6. Get Your Mind Right- Lil Rascals
  7. We Make It Funky- Rebirth Brass Band
  8. Big Leg Woman- Treme Brass Band
  9. Show Me How Ya Do That Dance- Newbirth Brass Band
  10. Didn’t He Ramble- 6th Ward Allstars
  11. H.I.T. (Remix by E. Kraz)- Rebirth Brass Band

Published: October 4, 2003
Various Artists: Straight from the 6th Ward

You don’t have to wait until Mardi Gras to have a party. Nope, don’t need to cook up some gumbo or boil some crawfish to let it rip. Don’t sweat getting some hurricane drink mix to have a party. You don’t need any of these things to throw a party New Orleans style. Just pop Straight from the 6th Ward into your CD player and let the good times roll.

Appropriately, Straight from the 6th Ward was recorded and released by the folks at the legendary New Orleans nightclub, Tipitina’s – named after the famous Professor Longhair composition. Who knows better than anyone else how to present and record the music that will lift you out of your seat and start parading down the street without a care in the world?

Producers Lee Frank and Adam Shipley gathered the crème de la creme from New Orleans’ vibrant brass band scene to record some of the funkiest tracks on this fine collection. They captured the traditional sounds of yesterday and the revivalists of today.

Recordings of note include the older guards of the brass band tradition, the Legendary Lil Rascals “H.I.T” and “Get Your Mind Right,” Treme sounding like Satchmo himself is blowing with the band. Rebirth Brass Band’s “Feel Like Funkin’ It Up” and “We Make It Funky” offers the listener a bridge from the past while incorporating updating the sound respectfully. Newbirth and the 6th Ward Allstars add their tracks and what the listener is left with is a complete and accurate snapshot of the still vibrant and poignant brass band sound that has been as a part of the New Orleans culture as their cooking and Mardi Gras celebrations.

And as if you needed it, the disc includes a remix by E. Kraz from Soulive of the Lil Rascals tune “H.I.T.”


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