Various Artists – Swamp Gold Country Volume 2


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Release Date:  2007

Label:  Jin Records


Track List

  1. It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More – Moe-D
  2. To Satisfy My Man – Peggy Scott & The Volunteers
  3. May You Never Be Alone – Norman Wade
  4. Old Fool In The Mirror – Moe-D
  5. I Can’t Stop Loving You – Belton Richard
  6. Blue Yesterday – Johnny Webb
  7. Julie’s 16th Birthday – John Bult
  8. You’re So Easy To Love – Jimmy C. Newman
  9. Cheatin’s A Sin – Dunice Theriot
  10. Empty Glass – Richard LeBouef & Two Step
  11. I’m Leaving You – Don Rich
  12. Her Side Of Offshore Blues – Debbie Folse
  13. Shackles And Chains – Norman Wade
  14. How Long Will This Hurtin’ Last – Moe-D
  15. The More I Drink – Don Rich
  16. Here I Go Again – Johnny Webb
  17. Come On Bottle Do Your Thing – George Freeman
  18. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight – Johnnie Allan
  19. I May Be Wrong But You Look Right – Norman Wade
  20. Gear Jammers Helper – Big John Trimble & the Beaver Retrievers



Swamp Gold Country Volume 2 is a collection of south Louisiana Radio & Jukebox hits plus hidden treasures of country, too “country” for Swamp Pop. As most of the songs included in the first volume of Swamp Gold Country, Volume 2 is a unique collection of songs of which a few may have been long forgotten or even vanished had it not been for their inclusion. None of these tunes needed big radio to boost their egos. Their popularity on the juke boxes of south Louisiana defined them as hit songs. Swamp Gold Country Volume 1 also available. Released in 2007, 20 tracks.

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