Zydeco Force – You Mean The World To Me


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Release Date:  2001

Label:  Maison de Soul


Track List

  1. 101 Proof Zydeco
  2. Stupid Little Things
  3. Japanese Zydeco
  4. You Mean The World To Me
  5. Single Mom
  6. Flash Back
  7. Bow Legged Woman
  8. Zydeco From 1988
  9. Bye Bye To The Kings
  10. Do The Mose And Amedee
  11. Louisiana Bow Hog
  12. You Stayed With Me
  13. Bad Ass Dog
  14. Show Off
  15. Po-Chum (Watu)
  16. Take Time To Know Her



  • Jeffery Broussard – accordion, vocals
  • Johnathan August – drums
  • Demmy Delafosse Thomas – scrub board, vocals
  • Pandy “Guitar Gable” Jr. – guitar, vocals
  • Robby “Mann” Robinson – bass



Throughout Zydeco Force’s existence, some of the members have changed, but the style of its’ music has not. The drive to revive traditional style Zydeco music is what fuels them. This album is 101 Zydeco Proof of that! This is the 6th album released by Zydeco Force on Maison de Soul Records, from which 4 were released on CD. Group members explored separate interests after It’s La La Time of 1995 and remained separated until 2000. This is their comeback album to the original Zydeco label, Maison de Soul Records. Lead vocalist, Jeffery “Joe K.K.” Broussard, and manager, Robby “Mann” Robinson have renewed their commitment to the music and the people who love it. The intensity of Zydeco Force is greater than ever. Their drive to revive the traditional Zydeco sound is part of their fuel for this project.

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