P.H. Fred – The Best Of Mister Fred’s Round Pegs And Bass Peeps: You Are Unique In All The World


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Release Year: 2015

Label: Independent

Track List

  1. Hey Woody
  2. Emo Emu
  3. Miss You
  4. Build You A Pony
  5. Am I Man Or Pelican
  6. If Hearts Had Bones
  7. I’m No Angel
  8. Good Morning Love
  9. Angels
  10. They Got Good Pie Here
  11. Some Of Dorothy Parker’s Blues
  12. You Got My/Don’t Start
  13. I Can’t Stop Drinkin’ Bout You
  14. Color Me Manhattan
  15. St. Theresa’s Smile
  16. Bicker With You
  17. Waiting On Misery
  18. Little Prince


  • Mike Barras
  • Eric Bernhardt
  • Paul Clement
  • Cranston Clements
  • Jan Clements
  • Lynn Drury
  • P.H. Fred
  • Helen Gillet
  • Craig Klein
  • John Lisi
  • Beth Patterson

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Dimensions5.5 x 0.5 x 5.0 in
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