Arsene Delay – Comin’ Home


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Release Date – 2014

Label – Threadhead Records

Track List

  1. Anti
  2. Chasing Dreams
  1. Saint Judas
  2. Comin’ Home
  3. Slow Drag
  4. Savior Sacrifice
  5. Apollo
  6. Evil Can Be Lovely
  7. In My Heart
  8. Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
  9. Anti ( Radio Edit )


  • Arsene Delay – Vocals
  • Alex McMurray – Guitar
  • Matt Perrine – Bass
  • Eric Bolivar – Drums
  • Craig Klein – Trombone
  • Mark Mullins – Trombone
  • Mary Lassiegne – Bass

Reviewed in OffBeat

Cate Czarnecki (September 2014 Issue)

If you haven’t yet stumbled upon Arséne DeLay, it only takes about 30 seconds of listening to her newest release, Comin’ Home, to identify that she must be kin to some extraordinary New Orleans musical family.

Turns out, she’s in the Boutté camp, which will not surprise anyone who has experienced her powerful vocals and expressive range.

Comin’ Home is a big album—big in scope and scale and spirit. DeLay’s voice is the anchor on the record, but her songwriting is spot on as well in songs like “Chasing Dreams” and the blues guitar-inflected title track, which she co-wrote with Alex McMurray.

There is soul and gospel, blues and R&B here, and it all works. Ten tracks in, we get a really earthy cover of “Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky,” but outside of that, Comin’ Home feels like an organic, authentically DeLay product.

She has surrounded herself with a group of New Orleans recording stalwarts (McMurray and Bonerama’s Mark Perrine and Eric Bolivar among them) who bring dynamism to the songs, which Delay is fully capable of matching with her skillful vocals.

Comin’ Home is a record with broad range and appeal in which one of New Orleans’ rising talents is forcefully on display.


























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