All our packages ship via US Postal service.   We strive to fulfill your orders within 24 hours of receipt.  The majority of orders are delivered very quickly however there are at times delays that are beyond our control (hurricane evacuations and that sort of thing) for this reason we ask that you allow:

US deliveries – up to three weeks

INTERNATIONAL deliveries – up to six weeks

To calculate your shipping cost: Handling fee + per item fee = shipping cost.  There is only one handling fee per order, ever,  and it’s based on your zone.

Example:  1 CD and 1 T-shirt going to Germany is $5.00 (Zone D handling fee) + $3.50 (per item fee for zone D shipping class 1) + $9.00 (per item fee for zone D shipping class 4) = $17.50 shipping cost.

Example: 2 CDs and 1 DVD going to Alaska, U.S. is $3.00 (Zone A handling fee) + [3 x $1.50 (three  per-item fees for zone A shipping class 1)] = $7.50 shipping cost.

Shipping Cart as of April 2016

Shipping Chart