Bobby Charles – Bobby Charles (CD)


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Release Date: 2023

Label: Music On CD


Track List

  1. Street People
  2. Long Face
  3. I Must Be In A Good Place Now
  4. Save Me Jesus
  5. All The Money
  6. Small Town Talk
  7. Let Yourself Go
  8. Grow Too Old
  9. I’m That Way
  10. Tennessee Blues
  11. Homemade Songs (Bonus Tracks)



Hooking up with The Band, specifically Rick Danko and their producer John Simon, was one of the smartest moves Bobby Charles ever made. His subsequent eponymous album not only gave him a bigger audience, but led to the perfect production for his sly, subtle blend of New Orleans R&B, rock & roll, and country. Partially, that’s because the production is fuller. There’s a special charm to this record, largely because while it sounds contemporary, it retains Charles’ mellow vibe and his sharp songwriting. It’s a true hidden gem of blue-eyed soul, Southern R&B, and early ’70s roots rock.

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