Boogie Kings – Swamp Boogie Blues


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Release Date:  1995

Label:  Jin Records


Track List

  1. Boil The Crawfish (feat. Duane Yates & Everett Brady)
  2. I’m Not A Fool Anymore (feat. Wayne Toups)
  3. Ca Fait Chaud (feat. Pat Strazza)
  4. Mathilda (feat. Cookie)
  5. Promised Land (feat. Johnnie Allan)
  6. Red, Red Wine (feat. Charles Mann)
  7. I Got Loaded (feat. Lil’ Bob)
  8. Sweet Dreams (feat. Tommy McLain)
  9. Kidnapper (feat. Warren Storm, Willie ‘Tee’ Trahan & Jon Smith)
  10. Eight Nights a Week (feat. Willie ‘Tee’ Trahan)
  11. Opelousas Sostan (feat. Willie ‘Tee’ Trahan & Jon Smith)
  12. Cherry Pie (feat. Everett Brady & Duane Yates)
  13. Hey Baby (feat. Everett Brady)
  14. This Should Go On Forever (feat. Rod Bernard)
  15. The Cajun Twist (feat. Dennis Norris)
  16. Don’t Take It So Hard (feat. Willie ‘Tee’ Trahan)
  17. Madame Rene’ (feat. Willie ‘Tee’ Trahan)
  18. It’s Rainin’ (feat. Pat Strazza)
  19. No More Troubles (feat. Warren Storm)
  20. I’m Leavin’ It All Up To You (feat. Dale & Grace)



  • Harry Ravain – drums
  • Robert Wilson – bass
  • Kip Bacque – guitar
  • Chet Blakistone, Mark Willis, Bubba Boudreaux – piano
  • Warren Storm – scrub board
  • Willie ‘Tee’ Trahan – tambourine
  • Sid Janice, Dan Silas – baritone sax
  • Ned Theall, Jon Smith – horns



One of many releases in the 1990s renaissance of the swamp blues group, Swamp Boogie Blues, is a hugely satisfying and enjoyable selection of swamp blues, expertly played by a band at the peak of their powers. Here the band does their thing with guest stars singing some of your favorite Swamp Pop hits!  Indeed, it’s hard to remember when the Boogie Kings sounded so alive as they do on this record – the playing is sensitive – but it’s the simple joy of making music that comes across more palpably. A relaxed confidence is the result, and Swamp Boogie Blues stands as one of the defining albums of the swamp blues revival. Released in November 1995, 20 tracks.

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