Charlie Miller – Peace Horn


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Release date: 1997

Label: Independent

Track Listing

  1.  DayBreak
  2. Lullaby Grand Mere (flute)
  3. Toe-Tapper
  4. Peace Horn
  5. Sweet Magnolia Blues
  6. Mr. Blue Heron
  7. Ole Man Blues
  8. Lullaby Ma Mere
  9. Dialog with Oneself
  10. Evening Song
  11. Eternal Grace (flute)
  12. Tribute to New Orleans Hispanics
  13. Lullaby Peace Dreams

 Review from All About Jazz

Charlie Miller: Peace Horn From New Orleans (1997)



Published: April 2, 2003

Quick and to the Point: 11 on a trumpet and 2 on a flute, in a New Orleans state of mind.

During the ’70s, multi-instrumentalist Charlie Miller was in New York playing salsa and jazz. The most important thing, however, was the heightening of his learning curve already well tempered by his rearing in New Orleans and his years with Dr. John. A continual curiosity now leads him down flamenco and experimental paths, although on Peace Horn From New Orleans we get pieces with mossy, festive, melancholic, swinging, bluesy, tasty, as well as serene solo gumbos.

This recording is a solo effort featuring original material written by Miller, all but two tunes performed on the trumpet and the remaining on the flute. The touches of flute are quite welcome. May the memory of Alberto Socarrás, one of Miller’s teachers and performer of the first flute jazz solo, be honored in those renditions. Aside from the engaging compositions –featuring a wide range of emotions seasoned à la Orleans/USA– Miller’s technique and intelligent use of effects in his trumpet playing keep the solo effort from becoming a boredom quagmire. He stays mostly within a comfortable mid- register range, with a clear tone also capable of getting down with the New Orleans street, while sustaining the register of the notes with able breathing producing a multi-personality sound. Granted, he can hit ’em high C’s, but feeling, taste, and Southern musical hospitality prevail throughout.


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