Chris Lacinak – A Modern Approach To New Orleans “Second Line” Drumming (Sheet Music Book & CD)


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Release Date:  1992

Publisher:  Chris Lacinak

ISBN:  654367227220

Softcover,  42 pages


A progressive study of New Orleans Second Line, Mambo, Swing, Funk, Mardi Gras Indian Rhythms, Transcriptions, Discography, and Demonstration CD.

In his book A Modern Approach to New Orleans “Second Line” Drumming, Chris Lacinak, a respected New Orleans drummer shares his experience and perceptions of how to play New Orleans style. This book is designed to give an insight into New Orleans style “second line” drumming using a systematic approach. Numerous examples and exercises based on traditional Parade, Mambo, Rhythm and Blues, and Mardi Gras Indian beats as well as transcriptions of performances by other New Orleans drummers have been included in this book.

The author emphasizes that New Orleans “second line” drumming has both a melodic and rhythmic structure. There is usually a basic rhythm pattern against which the melodic statement is played. The first four sections will familiarize the student with some of these patterns and melodic possibilities. These sections will help the student develop a melodic dialogue between the snare drum and the bass drum.

Finally, a special section has been included that is dedicated to performances by some of the most talented New Orleans drummers in both the traditional “second line” along with the more modern styles. The solos in this section were transcribed from readings that are currently available. A discography listing the artist and record information is included so that the student can hear the transcribed solos played by the original artist. In conclusion, this text A Modern Approach to New Orleans “Second Line” Drumming, provides the serious student of drumming an opportunity to acquire and incorporate into his own playing one of the truly unique percussion styles.

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