Cristina Perez – The Sweetest Thing


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Year Of Release: 2014

Label: Independent

Track List

  1. Fool In Love
  2. Just You And Me
  3. Time
  4. The Simplest Things
  5. The Sweetest Thing
  6. Deep Dark Ocean
  7. Always
  8. Trouble
  9. Breaking Point
  10. I Could Love You


  • Cristina Perez – Vocals and Guitar
  • Gregory Agid – Clarinet
  • Joshua Gouzy – Bass
  • Joshua Starkman – Guitar
  • Kris Tokarski – Piano
  • Darrian Douglas – Drums
  • Alex J. Hall

Reviewed In OffBeat

David Kunian (October 2014 Issue)

Cristina Perez’ new recording has all the traits of a classic jazz vocal recording.

Her voice is light and bouncy. She has a flirtatious tone that invites the listener in. The arrangements are simple and uncluttered (by her husband, banjoist and composer Chris Edmunds) which allows for her voice to shine through.

There are few surprises as Perez sticks to the melody with a few, well placed embellishments. The rhythm section of her band stays in the background, providing a tasteful grounding to the tunes while Joshua Starkman on guitar and Gregory Agid on clarinet and saxophone pull off fine solos and great interjections and asides that weave between the vocal lines. The band is equally adept at ballads, mid-tempo swinging songs, and more modern-oriented flowing tunes. Perez wrote all the tunes and lyrics here, and it is a compliment to her that they sound like classic jazz/American songbook work.

One criticism is that there is a little too much lyrical focus on love and the foibles of male/female relationships. By the end of the record, it’s somewhat overwhelming and routine.

However, the music is consistently good in the classic Ella/Sara fashion.

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