Dr. John – High Priest Of Psychedelic Voodoo (2-CD Set)


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Release Date:  2015

Label:  Purple Pyramid


Track List

Disc 1

1-1. In The Night
1-2. Tipitina
1-3. Mean Cheatin’ Woman
1-4. Bald Head
1-5. Qualified
1-6. Wash, Mama, Wash
1-7. What Comes Around (Goes Around)
1-8. Quitters Never Win
1-9. Mama Roux
1-10. A Little Closer To My Home
1-11. Shoo Ra
1-12. Woman Is The Root Of All Evil
1-13. Danger Zone
1-14. Just Like A Mirror
1-15. Helping Hand

Disc 2

2-1. Cat And Mouse Game
2-2. She’s Just A Square
2-3. I Pulled The Cover Off You Two Lovers
2-4. Go Ahead On
2-5. Bring Your Love
2-6. Zuzu Man
2-7. One Night Late
2-8. Did She Mention My Name?
2-9. The Grass Looks Greener Yonder
2-10. New Orleans
2-11. The Time Had Come
2-12. Looser For You Baby
2-13. The Ear Is On Strike
2-14. Make Your Own



A 2CD set of magical, musical voodoo from one of the most enigmatic and captivating singer/songwriters to ever emerge from the Louisiana swamps, the Night Tripper himself, Dr. John!- Featuring some of the Doc’s best medicine including “Tipitina,” “Woman Is The Root Of All Evil,” “Zuzu Man,” “Mama Roux” and so much more!- Packaged deluxe gatefold sleeve with full-color booklet!

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