Ghalia & Mama’s Boys – Let The Demons Out


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Release Date: 2017

Label: Ruf Records


Track List

  1. 4 AM Fried Chicken
  2. Let The Demons Out
  3. Press That Trigger
  4. Have You Seen My Woman
  5. Hoodoo Evil Man
  6. Addiction
  7. All The Good Things
  8. I’m Shakin’
  9. Waiting
  10. See That Man Alone
  11. Hey Little Baby
  12. Hiccup Boogie



  • Ghalia Volt – vocals, guitar
  • Johnny Mastro – harmonica, vocals
  • Smokehouse Brown – guitar, backing vocals
  • Dean Zucchero – bass, backing vocals
  • Rob Lee – drums, percussion



2017 release. Some albums stop you in your tracks. Like the smoky thump from a New Orleans juke-joint as you pass by on the sidewalk, Let The Demons Out is a rock ‘n’ roll siren call that pricks up your ears and puts you under it’s spell. And with Europe’s fastest-rising young vocalist and Louisiana’s hottest R&B crack-squad running the show, resistance is useless. “My lyrics come from stories I’ve experienced and the emotional reactions to them,” she says. “In the old days, they said blues is not only about lamentation but encouragement. That’s the way I see it, too. Another subject I find myself writing about is freedom – mine, yours, ours. Of course, there’s the subject of men. Can be about love, can be about sex, can be none of the above.”

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