Images Of America: Louisiana’s Zydeco – Sherry T. Broussard (Book)


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Release Year: 2013

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

The bayou sings and the trees sway with the untold stories of many unsung heroes, including Louisiana’s amazing Zydeco musicians. The music is an extraordinary blend of the accordion, the bass and electric guitars, the drums, the rub or scrub board, and other instruments. It tells stories about finding and losing love, life lessons, and other revelatory events that rise from the skillful hands of musicians playing the diatonic and piano accordions. The diverse population of Louisiana creates a rich culture with Zydeco festivals, Creole foods, and the unique music that fills the air with a foot-stomping beat like no other. Louisiana’s Zydeco is a snapshot of some of the many musicians who live and play the homegrown music known as Zydeco.

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