Jeff Stobbe & Scott Stobbe – Sketches & Scores: A Father and Son Collaboration (Art Book & Sheet Music)


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Release Date:  2021

Publisher:  Independent

ISBN:  9780578870274

Softcover,  88 pages


This artbook and music project is a collaboration between father and son that explores the relationship between the two mediums. In this book you will find the painted and sketched works of Jeff Stobbe, and sheet music for original compositions by Scott Stobbe. The life drawings of Santa Cruz artist Jeff Stobbe explore representation through line work and abstract expressionism through color. He captures not only the movement of the objective figure, but also the emotion of the subjective being, through facial expressions, posture, and use of color. There is a sense of playfulness in his work that offers an interactive experience for the viewer’s imagination. The music of New Orleans based guitarist and composer Scott Stobbe encompasses sounds from around the globe, all the while maintaining a signature quality that is unmistakably his own.

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