Keith Frank & The Soileau Zydeco Band – Live At Slim’s Y-Kiki Vol. 2


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Release Year: 2014

Label: Independent

Track List

  1. Buck Bayou
  2. Soulwood Train
  3. Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
  4. Anybody Wanna Party?
  5. Boogie Woogie
  6. Get On Boy
  7. Soulwood Strut
  8. Good Ole Days
  9. Stepping To The Rhythm
  10. The Mill
  11. Hamilton Club/Weigh Me Down
  12. Patate Douce/We Got The Power!
  13. I Want Her
  14. What’s His Name/Oh, Mom!
  15. Sweet Pea/You Need Some Keith Frank
  16. Teddy Bear


  • Keith Frank – Accordion and Vocals



Keith Frank often asks his live audiences, “Do you wanna go back?” The question teases his crowd, hungry for another nugget in his endless string of greatest hits. But the question is also a statement of fact, a sly flex of muscle by a rare artist strengthened by family musical history that dates back to the 1800s. Yet Frank’s talent for reinvention keeps his music hot for generations raised on iPhones and Android devices. In today’s world of zydeco, filled with talented newcomers, also-rans and pretenders, few can go back like Keith Frank. Since the early 1990s, Frank has eared the title of Zydeco Boss with unending crowd pleasers, like “Get on Boy,” “The Hamilton Club,” “Casanova” and “Haterz.” Frank’s accordion-flavored version of “Moving on Up,” the theme of the classic TV sitcom, “The Jeffersons,” gave many in Generation X their first taste of zydeco. “Oh Mom” evokes memories of Louise Frank, Keith’s mother, who dies in 2013 in a traffic accident. Louise sat by the bandstand from the band’s beginning, signed off on every song heard on this CD, including the sizzling swing-out, “Teddy Bear.” Her spirit was felt in this live recording as the Zydeco Boss goes back yet keeps pushing zydeco forward. ~excerpt from Herman Fuselier. *NOTE: “Teddy Bear” is the only studio recording on this live album.

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