Magnolia Sisters – Lapin, Lapin


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Release Date:  2006

Label:  Louisiana Arts Council


Track List

1. Little Fat Man
2. Misi Banjo
3. Compere Lapin
4. Zydeco Gumbo
5. Quand Patate Va être Cuite
6. Laissez Moi S’en Aller
7. Misi Maziro
8. Cribisse, Cribisse
9. J’ai Passé Au Long Du Bois
10. Je Veux Me Marier
11. Boitine Boiteuse
12. La Caille et le Perdrix
13. Les Marougouins ont tout mangé ma belle
14. Les Ecrivisses Dedans le Platin
15. Dansez Codeine
16. Ding a Ding Ding Dong



Full of authentic historic Cajun and Creole children’s songs, lullabies, and dances, the Magnolia Sisters’ new CD features songs that were once a vital part of hand-me-down tradition. The Magnolia Sisters’ have dusted off this treasure trove of songs found in field recordings, archives, and old folk song collections from Louisiana, Canada, and France. Their lively and thoughtful arrangements are true to the roots of the music with instrumentation showing influences from calypso, old-time stringband, Caribbean, New Orleans Creole, and straight-up Cajun dancehall styles. An 18-page booklet includes all the French lyrics with English translations and background on each song. Children and adults alike will enjoy this rare collection.

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