Mark Rubin-Jew Of Oklahoma – The Triumph Of Assimilation (CD)


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Release Date: 2022

Label: Independent


Track List

  1. A Day Of Revenge
  2. It’s Burning
  3. Down South Kosher
  4. Murder Of Leo Frank
  5. Yiddish banjo Tunes
  6. My Resting Place
  7. Unnatural Disasters
  8. Good Shabbes
  9. Avinu Malkeinu
  10. Spin The Dreidel



It’s Burning and A Day of Revenge are my contextual translations based on the Yiddish language poems “S’Brent” and “A Tog fun Nekome” by the Polish Jewish poet Mordechai Gebirtig. The former was written in 1938 in response to a brutal pogrom in the city of Przytyk. He and his wife were murdered in 1942 by random Nazi gunfire as they were boarding a train for deportation from the Krakow Ghetto.

My Resting Place is based on “Mayn Rue Platz” by the American Morris Rosenfeld, known as the Yiddish “poet laureate of the slum and the sweatshop.” It was written to commentate the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in NYC, NY in 1911.

I hope I have honored the poet’s original intentions in my adaptations.

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